ASAQ Royal Blends Kit

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Oriental Perfume Discovery Kit contains 3 amazing fragrances from our ASQ blends.

Each 1 ml unisex oil blend has a unique top, middle and base note.


1- Royal Blend

A blend that holds all the royal characteristics. A unique mix with a luxurious aroma


2- Hareem al sultan

The fragrance that will make you discover the Oriental fragrances.

Top note: Rosewwod, lemon, bergamot, vevtiver, lemon rose
Middle note: Cedar, sandalwood
Base note: Musky, ambery, pure aged agarwood oil


3- Huyam

The most beautiful flowers are gathered in one blend "?Al Sultana Hiyam" added to the aoud oil Musk and Amber.

An oriental scent that come from the Ottoman area.